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Welcome to Geossy Uganda

Fish Farming solutions for all

Geossy is a commercial aquaculture farm based in Tororo District, Eastern region of Uganda which produces table-fish for sale to local and regional markets as well as fish feeds and fingerlings for own consumption and sale to local fish farms.
Geossy currently owns a 8 metric tone feed mill, leased 20-acres hatchery & owns a 50-years commercial fish license to farm in Lake Victoria, Majanji District.

After realizing the Ugandan fishing industry was decimated by poor practices, over fishing, lack of regulation, processing factories close, communities run out work, natural fish and food supplies diminish and the expense of starting a fishing business climb, Geossy decided to make a difference. With passion and commitment Geossy invented new affordable cage fishing system, created new process for acquiring baby fish (a.k.a. fry) and fish food, and developed training and education programs to empower fishing communities to farm fish using low cost locally made cages.

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Words From the C.E.O

The Fish are Gone

There are no wild fish left in Lake Victoria. At least 1.5 million people in Uganda in the fishing industry, from fishermen to retailers have lost their jobs meanwhile the demand for fish exceeds 500 million tons per year, but the need goes unmet. The lack of fish has accelerated child labor, early marriages, school dropouts, etc., empowering a vicious cycle of chronic poverty.

Over-fishing, water pollution and illegal fishing practices like fish poisoning have created this problem. Invasion of water hyacinth has only exacerbated the problem.

Our Vision

To be the most reliable and innovative East Africa's Aquaculture company

With no fish in the natural waters, fish farming becomes the only source of fish to the communities. Fish farming has been existing since before 1900 yet its absorption in African communities still remain a big challenge due to scarce inputs such as fish feeds and fingerlings and the little found may not be of good type.

Why you should choose us

Independent venture

With Geossy as your partner we guide you in achieving your dreams

High Quality

Geossy offers high quality services which are in accordance with market standards

Local Impact

Supports growth of local fish farmers by providing training in fish cage farming

Simple Pricing

Affordable and easy to manage fish cages made using bamboo, eucalyptus and low cost metal.

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